Types Of Kurtis Styles

So, what is the Kurta and Kurti difference?

If you go to a shop and ask for a kurta, the shopkeeper will bring out a pile of knee length or calf lengths kurtas. And if you ask for a kurti, he will bring out a pile of hip length kurtis. So essentially, the difference between kurtas and kurtis is nothing more than the length of the garment. Traditionally, kurtas are worn with churridaars or pajamas – both for men and women. Kurtis on the hand other can be worn with pajamas, palazzos and even jeans or pants. However, with evolving fashion, there isn’t much of a difference between kurti and kurta when it comes to pairing it with the right bottoms. So now that we have understood the kurta kurti difference, let us take a look at the most trending kurtis of the season.

The different Kurti Styles and choosing a trending style

Kurtis can be floral, printed, long, short, sleeveless, with sleeves, button downed… you get the point? If you go on an online shopping website and type in ‘kurti’, you will get confused with the different style kurtis available! And if you choose the filter option, you won’t know what filter to pick given the types of kurtis and their various categorizations. Then you’ll do the smart thing and sort the list on the basis of ‘newest first’, and we’re here to tell you all about the new kurti styles – just to reduce the confusion a little. We’re covering the latest and modern kurti designs so that your shopping experience, be it online or in a store, leaves you feeling happy and in style.

Styling Western Style Kurtis

The western kurtis collection is nothing more than western designs on Indian kurtis, which include the cut out arms, off shoulder styles and high rise slits. Western style kurtis when paired with cigar pants or skinny jeans create a good blend of indo-western, which is a great look when you’re trying to dress sharp. Our favourite look is when western kurties are paired with dhoti pants – uber chic! Western kurtis are the epitome of modern kurti designs, when paired smartly.

If you’re smart enough to choose kurtis for summer, you’re smart enough to put together the perfect outfit. While buying your next set of kurtis, keep in mind that you’re buying 100% cotton because that is what your body needs in summer. A quick tip: buy black and white cotton palazzos because they go with pretty much every kurti style and design. That way you won’t need to worry about matching your outfit every single day. Let’s beat the heat, kurti style.

Styling Cotton Frock Style Kurtis

The cotton frock style kurtis, as the name suggests, are frock cut kurtis to give you a cute girly look. Usually, frock style kurtis are paired with churridaars, but recently they’ve been doing the round of the runway paired with palazzos – and they look stellar! These types of kurti styles are great for a casual day out, especially in the summer heat, because they’re open and airy. The latest frock style kurtis are solid bold coloured kurtis paired with the same colour palazzos. Even fully printed cotton frock style kurtis with tassels or pom-poms at the edging are very trending now days. This frock cut design has been spotted on many celebrities like Sonam Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor Khan – hence validating our point.

The versatility of Long Shirt Style Kurtis

The shirt style kurti is basically a kurti which looks like a shirt since it is buttoned down from top to bottom. It is a very simple look which can be dressed up by styling it the right way – which is why it made it to our list of modern kurti designs. The combination of solid colour straight pants with long shirt style kurtis always looks elegant and classy. This could be worn as it is for a casual day look, or be dressed up with a statement necklace to go out. The long striped shirt kurti also looks very smart when paired with skinny jeans. The convenience of the shirt style kurti designs is that these designs can be played around with – they can be paired with almost anything, from pajamas to ripped jeans, to create a look for any occasion.


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